How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally In Only 4 Months

How did I removed my acne in only 4 months and how you can do it too

Disclaimer: The writer is not a doctor and this article is not an alternative for a medical treatment.


“I have no hope.”
That’s what I was thinking for many years. I’v tried everything. When people tried to give me advices how to remove the acne, I’v probably heard it already at least 10 times before.

How to get rid of acne
Few weeks after I came back from Vietnam and started University – The humid weather of Asia + Stress of starting studying made me break out

My first acne pimples showed up when I was 18 years old. I use to study in a religious school with only boys, so the fact that I finished high school with no even one singel pimple – doesn’t really satisfy me. The first massive wave of acne that I had hit me when I started my military service when I was about 19 years old. Only 4 years later I’v managed to get rid of the acne completly without a trace. Scars? unfortunately they exist, but much less than I thought considering 4 years of pimples growing almost on a daily basis.

On this article i’ll try to figure out what led to my severe acne, and what steps that I made had an positive impact on my acne, and how you can do it as well.

Before I’m starting I have to make it clear – the science of nutrition or any other subject that tests how external factors (like food, enviroment, stress) affect your body, is very unaccurate. Two main reasons why:

1. It’s very hard to isolate one ingredient and tests it’s effect while your body affect by countless number of different ingredients. For example – An article interviews a women aged 127 years old. She claims that a glass of Whiskey she drinks every day it’s her secret for long life. But she forgot to tell the interviewer about the garden that she takes care of every morning, the walk that she makes one’s a week to pick mashrooms from the mountain, and the Chess she plays every friday with her grandchildren.
2. When it comes to ingredients that our body consume, everyone reacts differently. Some people are allergic to certain materials, some people consume other materials that changes the effect of the tested ingredient.

So we’ve got two reasons why you should take this article in a limited warranty. But you’re still here and you still want to know how to reduce your acne. So let’s start with what NOT to do, by trying to understand what was to cause to my sevre acne:
It all started with a very bad Idea on how to gain weight quickly. When I was 18 years old I was very skinny and I had to gain weight in order to become a combat soldier in the army. I set my target on gaining 10 Kg (about 22 pounds) in 3 months. Now, I know it sounds old (in the internet age everything changes so fast) but back in the days, the awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition wasn’t so common like today. So I ended up reading articles about deadly methods like GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk Every Day). Fortunatly I wasn’t stupid enough to try GOMAD but I did put in my diet a lot of fatty foods, like 200g walnuts and a cup of 17% cream every day. After 3 months I gained 22 pounds and my first pimple.

I started my military service and my nutrition rutine went back to normal. In fact, the nutrition in the first training period in the army is very bad, so I ate almost nothing. I have lost all the weight I gained in less than 1 month, But unfortunately, the pimples kept growing up on my face.

Acne is infact an inflammation under the skin. There is no question that the main cause is genetic. When we reach adolescence, different processes happens in our bodies cause our hormones out of balance. I don’t know much about this process, but like any inflammation, once it started – a simple treatment sometimes is not enough.

There was another two important factors about my military service that made my acne even worse:

1. Stress. The stress in the military is the worst. You sleep 5 hours every night, sometimes skip nights completly. You see your girlfriend only once in two weeks, and if get caught doing somthing wrong, and the most stupid and silly thing, you can forget about home for a while. This reality produce huge amounts of stress, and that affects your body’s ability to fight back against the acne.
2. Dirtiness. Think about your facial skin like a surface with many holes. When dust gets into these holes, it causes an infection. When too much dirt goes inside it can block it completly, preventing from the skin to cure himself by pushing the infection outside.

Now, I know that most of you probably haven’t been to the Army, but stress is everywhere, and dirt can be also a problem for some people. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to give you advices how to make sure your’e not growing a pimples zoo on your face, but first –

let’s sum up the causes for acne (apart of genetics)

1. Fat and milk – This subject used to be controversial for a very long time, but with more and more evidences, it seems like there is a real link between milk and acne. The reason might be explained with the way milk is being produced nowdays by injecting the cows huge amounts of hormones.
The relation between fat and acne is also controversial somehow, however, every day more and more researches points a possible link between the two.
2. stress.
3. Pollution and dirt. To this section we should add also humidity – when the weather is hot hour little “holes” on the skin are more sensitive to dirt. The sweat flowing on your face can bring dirt to block to holes and make an infection.

How did I remove acne in only 4 months

1. Wash your face twice a day, and everytime you finish workout or sweating. This is the most critical time. Dirt can easily get into your holes when your face sweating. When washing your face use hot water in order to open the holes and make the cleaning easier.
2. Avoid touching your face with your hands. Our hands are very polluted even if they seem to be clean.
3. Avoid milk as much as possible – I personally consume milk only for coffee and cheeseburger.
4. Reduce stress. Some of us have a very stressful life and that’s something we don’t always control. There’s some artificial ways to reduce stress:
– Sleep at least 7 hours every night.
– Avoid too much caffeine and smoking.
– Dedicate 30 minutes every day to meditation. I personally spend 30 minutes everyday listening to music on headphones, with no distractions.
5. Avoid fat food as much as possible.
6.  Face soap – most phycisians offer face soap as a first solution – For me it never helped, and I have tried lots of different types. The only advice I can give you about face soap is to avoid oily soap, as your acne face are already very oily. It’s also important to make sure you don’t become too obsessive about it – tinkering with your face too much can cause scars in the long run.
7. Drink a lot of water. I’v heard that opinion many times before and never really understood how can it help. Only after applying it by drinking 3 liters a day (before I could pass the day without a single glass of water) I can guarantee that it helps.
8. Eat more vegetables. By the way, do yourself a big favor and check that YouTube channel.
That guy gives a lot of helpful tips that help me personally a lot.

I maintained this rutine for 4 months. After only 2 months I started to see a change. My face wasn’t so oily like before, and the pimples that I still had, got dry. Gradually the pimples frequency declined and after 4 months in total, the pimples has just stop growing on my face. I still had some dry pimples, but it deffinitely looked like the end. After 6 months there was no more pimples on my face at all, only muzzy red stains the also disappeared after another two months.

How to get rid of acne
How to reduce acne
6 month after – like nothing ever happend


I’m NOT a doctor, and this article is not an alternative to an professional medical treatment. Some cases of Acne requires a more powerful treatment, and there’s some really effective medicines.

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