Nikon Coolpix S01 – Best Compact Camera for backpackers

Nikon Coolpix S01 is probably the best compact camera for the minimalist backpacker who’s looking for a small camera that can take great photos.

I’v been searching for the best compact camera for months. Not metaphorically. I’v been looking for the smallest camera with the highest quality. No chance for compromise. I’v spent days on Amazon and Google, reading reviews, testing image samples, but never was satisfied all the way.

I gave up. I decided to keep using my cell phone for taking pictures. It wasn’t that good, but I never found any camera that will be worth my money. And I found myself in China. For one month I jumped from a large city to another. A camera was completely unnecessary as I spent most of my time in parties or hangovered in my room the day after. My only memories from these days are blurry images of awkward selfies at clubs all around China.

But after a month it was enough. I was looking for a way to escape the large endless cities of China, and I found my self planning a small trip to a Tibetan village in west China. Now I need a camera.

And that’s how I found the Nikon coolpix S01, that for unexplained reason is almost unknown among western customers.

Nikon coolpix s01
The first photo I took outside the camera shop

What do I like about that camera?

It’s answers perfectly my two needs. It’s extremely small and simple, and takes pictures on very high quality – of course, in compare to it’s size.
Since then, every time I travel, I take the camera along with be in the rear pocket of my pants. it’s smaller than a cell phone, ID, Passport of even a pocket of cigarettes.


nikon coolix s01
nikon coolpix s01







The designers at Nikon company must be brilliant. With only three simple buttons you can do almost anything, from moving between the different mods of the camera, zooming in and out and browsing through your gallery. You can also use the touch screen to navigate.

Why you should not buy a DSLR?

First ask yourself what do you need the camera for. Most of us are not doing any professional use with the images we take, so there is no reason to carry around a gigantic camera. The quality of the Nikon Coolpix probably wouldn’t satisfy the will of a nature photographer, but our clothes also won’t satisfy the will of a fashion designer, and this is true about almost everything.
With the size and the ease-of-use of the Nikon Coolpix and other ultra compact cameras we earn peace of mind and comfort.

Nikon coolpix s01
Not a DSLR but will satisfy the avarage traveler. Hong Kong 2017

Why you should not use your phone’s camera

Cell phone’s cameras can be very good nowadays. Our phone is also always available in our pocket and the camera APP is very approachable for fast-use. And yet, the battery in our mobile cell phones is for most of the cases very weak and can barely survive only one day. We also want to save the mobile cell phone battery for different uses and not only for pictures.
This is where the Nikon Coolpix S01 comes into play. You can place the camera in your pocket just like your cellphone. The battery is extremely strong, you can definitely use all the camera storage before the battery is dead.

The camera can also take Videos on 720p HD resolution. However, I recommend to use this camera only for photos

Nikon coolpix s01
North Vietnam 2017


Storage – The battery’s memory space is 7.3 GB. That means it can contain up to 3500 photos.
Performances – 10.1 Megapixel, x3 optical zoom
length – 3 inches
Thickness – 0.7 inches
weight – 3.36 ounces ( 60 grams)
For more detailed specifications visit product page on Amazon 

Nikon coolpix s01
Ha long bay 2017


Last words

If you’re still hesitating, you probably looking for something else, maybe a professional camera. For the ones us among who’s looking for a small, compact camera with nice quality, long battery life-time, and huge storage space, There’s no reason to hesitate.

Get the Nikon Coolpix S01 now on Amazon

Nikon coolpix s01
A Chinese Kitten




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