7 Unique springs in Israel along route 90 – the longest road

 7 unique and refreshing water sources and springs in Israel along route 90

Rout 90 – the longeat road in Israel. It starts in the South, at Eilat city, and ends at Metula- the most northern town in Israel.

In less than 350 milles from the north to the south, the landscapes along route 90 changing constantly from deserts and forests, to mountains, lakes, and many strange and unique places.

If you’re planning to drive on route 90 (and you probably do), this article will improve your traveling experience by much. Not many people know, but between the mountains, the trees and the farms of the road, many unique water sources are hiding – natural pools, hot springs, streams and more.
Those places are exists, but most of the time only the local people know about their existence.
But it’s about to change as I’m going to introduce you the most intresting, refreshing, unique water sources that scattered all over the country.
So prepare your swimsuit, put on your seatbelt, and search for the first flight to the middle east!

Beit alfa quarry lake

You’ll have to trust me that I did jumped.

General location: Beit shean valley, Emek Izrael
Local name: Machtzevat beit alfa
Quarries are surprisingly a common spots for lakes in Israel, but this quarry is a bit different. One side of the lake in the center of the quarry looks like a beach, with place to sit, and the other side is a 12 meters clif that known as one of the highest places to jump from into water, in Israel. As a bonus, there is a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the clif. Without a doubt, wonderful place!

Kedem hot springs

springs israel
The landscape near the spring

General location: Ein gedi, Dead sea
Local name: Amahayanot achamin
The Dead sea is the lowest place on Earth, and this special detail is in charge of extremely unique phenomena unlike any other springs in Israel. The hot springs are among the most famous. Except of being amazing place to warm up inside during the winter, it also a wonderful place for geophysics lovers – Seriously, the place is so active geologically, that it always changing, and when I say always, I mean always. New pools apearing, the waters’ dept changing constantly,and basicly, every time I’m visiting this place, I can’t recognized it. Amazing place!

The hidden lake

springs in israel
Credit: Rachel Bar Izchakov

General location: Timna park, South
Local name: Ahagam anehelam, Agam timna
The last thing you’ll expect to see in the most arid desert in Israel is a giant water pool, and this is exactly what waiting for you in Timna. Between the brown mountain in the middle of the Arava valley, there’s a big quarry, as big as a football stadium.
The frustrating thing with this place is that due to it enormous size, it’s still so hidden. I personally found it for the first time after almost one hour of searching (don’t worry, you’ll get the exact location). This place consider to be one of the best springs in Israel.
The water are blue and clean, there’s alot of place to sit, and it’s accessible for cars.

The hot-cold spirng

springs in israel

General location: Emek ha-hula, North
Local names: amayan acham bekibutz shamir /acham-kar
The hot spring in shamir settlement is so special among other springs in Israel, because….it’s spouts in the middle of a cold stream. The result is a big pool of water, the upper half is hot and the lower half is cold. The origin of the hot water is actually from the Golan mountains. The source of the hot water has found mistakenly, as a result of drilling. The authorities decided to route the water to the “Hula valley” and the result is a fantastic combination between nature and a manmade activities.

The spring of love

My shy girlfriend

General location: Southern Dead sea
Local name: maayan ha-haava
The southern region of the Dead sea is one of my favorite places in Israel. The mountains are made of salt, and the trees are made of Bamboo. The spring of love is a little blue pond that hiding between reeds on the roadside. The temperature of the spring is what people tend to call “perfect”. Not too hot (not cold obviously), a lot of area to sit around…In conclusion – the ultimate spot for couples to take a break on the road.

Sukot spring


General location: Beit shean valley
Local name: Ein sukot
Sukot spring is a typical Israeli spring, but one of the best, for sure. Honestly, there’s nothing special with this place – except of one thing. It’s located on the border with Jordan. In order to arrive the spring you’ll need to take a tiny path on the roadside to the border direction. After few minutes of challenging driving you’ll arrive to a big pool, with cold water and a lot of place to sit.

Teo spring


General location: Emek ha-hula
Local name: Ein teo
Teo spring is special for one reason – it’s the closest place to the route among this list, but it’s still maybe the most unfamiliar one. People who driving on this part of the road don’t know that only few meters from the road there’s a big authentic pool, not to o deep, but obviously too amazing. After parking the car you’ll need to walk 10 meters inside a shallow water canal. The outcome will be fantastic.

Route 90 is for many reasons the best road for those of you whom looking for a crazy road trip. Take a brake from Jerusalem the holy city, and don’t pay to much attention to the nightlive scene in Tel aviv. Water sources and springs in Israel are very rare in general so the joy of finding one during an extreamly Hot day is just amazing.


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